OpenVPN Servers

Whether you want to go incognito or simply browse the web from somewhere else, just deploy OpenVPN and you're good to go. It's all setup and ready for you to go in minutes.

OpenVPN Servers Plans


Available in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Norway, France, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia and South Africa.
For custom plans please contact us.

Your Own Server & IP

Your VPN on your Own Server and your own IP address, not shared with others ... more secure, more speed and unique.

Fast and Reliable

Your VPN uses all the server's bandwidth and resources ... not shared with others to provide the most Fast and Reliable experience.

Select Your Location

Select your VPN Location from 25+ locations around the globe. All are ready for your Speed Access.