Church Streaming Solutions

Integrated Solutions .. One Place

Our Solutions are ready to put your ministry online in a few minutes without the need of investing a lot of money. You can select what suites your service from our integrated solutions and you can always ask us to integrate your solutions together to serve your Church better.

WebTV Simulated Live video is the best solution to handle COVID-19 as you can set a broadcast schedule to play a mix of recorded and live content.
Like a TV station, a Stream in this schedule is a channel, the Playlists are programs with one or more Video segments. A schedule can have as many Streams(channels) as you want, with as many Playlists (programs) as you want, where each Playlist (program) is scheduled to play on a Stream (channel) at a certain time.
Remember, not all of your audience have a Facebook account, and not all of those on Facebook can resist other distracting links.
With our Video Live Streaming Solution Reaching viewers on PCs and Macs has never been easier.
You can stream to any device as we provide you with all the web players and apps you need, we also can provide your Church with a streaming page if you don't have a web site for your Church.

And you can always push your stream to your Facebook Page and your YouTube Channel as well.
Stream your service audio only for listeners on the go, they can listen while walking or driving, 24 hours with your scheduled and live programs mix.

We can also provide your Radio App for you which works on both Android and iOS.
All our streaming services don't require a web site as we already provide a Free Player Page to hold your Video or Radio Streaming Player.
However If you want to build your own Church Web Site our Web Hosting solution will be ready in a few seconds and pre-loaded with a lot of templates and our web site builder.
Want to create a WordPress site for your Church?
With one click and couple of minutes your hosting account will be ready with WordPress pre-installed and ready for your design.
Our WordPress hosting platform gives you the speed and security you need without the high price tag.
Need more than one of our solutions?
We can combine 2 or more solutions from these solutions in one bundle for your convenience to suite your ministry needs.

Just let's know your needs and we will provide a free working demo for you to adjust our services with your needs.