Ultra Low Latency Streaming (WebRTC)

At sub-500ms delivery, WebRTC provides real-time communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs. While WebRTC is traditionally known for peer-to-peer communications, we give users the power to scale beyond one-to-one or one-to few connections, instantly distributing to viral audiences with the real-time experience necessary for interactive streaming.
Real-Time Communications
Real-Time Communications

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free, open framework that allows real-time communications through web browsers, without requiring any additional encoders or plug-ins.

With WebRTC, you'll be able to embed real-time video directly into your browser-based solution to make a fascinating and interactive streaming experience.

From telehealth solutions to gaming apps, users can actively participate in immersive video-based environments without caring about latency.

Go Beyond WebRTC

Traditionally used for one-to-one video chat, WebRTC video streaming platform allows you to stream WebRTC end-to-end or convert the streaming format for hybrid workflows and HLS delivery.

What benefit does WebRTC’s open framework provide if you can’t determine the way to build from it?

Our testing and publishing tools, provide everything you wish to ease the method. From recording to authentication, we designed our robust and customizable features and modules to assist you build an interactive streaming solution in an exceedingly snap.

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